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英语中quick是什么意思quick: [ kwik ] a. 快的,迅速的 ad. 快,迅速地 n.皮下(尤指指甲下)细嫩或敏感的肉;活肉 [ 副词quickly ]

超级英语高手来!!!每句话连翻译都搞定了,但是这里面有几个地方改了,你得好好地看. (广告时间:本人,英语专业学生,不用翻译软件和机器.

中文翻译英文1.The teacher is very humorous, and he is very popular among students 2.Sending messages has been regarded by

求英语翻译Enter here over Hello, first of all thank you for giving me his busy schedule of recommended himself to the

你听过最巧妙的英语是哪一句?had had "had", had had "had had"; "had had" had had a better effect on the teacher.

10个趣味方法教你更快学英语-百度经验3: Talk and sing to yourself in English用英语和自己对话唱歌Whenyou are alone at home, or of course in the shower, start

“一个女老师”用英语怎么说?A woman teacher。 上述的词,在英语中,被称为合成词,合成词是由两个或以上结合构成的一个词修饰或限制后一个词。在

英语.速度速度!!!结合教材。谢谢。1.I learn English by watching English movies. 2.Have you study with a group? 3.As for living, my father


写给英语老师的一封信,帮忙翻译下(速度,急用)Dear teacher,This term will be end soon, thanks for the instruction you've given to me. I'm a little out of practice

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